Foods and Agricultural Products


TTA's Food Division's target is to comply with customers expectations (both in the domestic and foreign markets). At present, it is specifically focusing on the increasing demand for food security, environmental sustainability and products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

These are some of the products we market:

• Dairy Products: cheese (hard, soft, semi-hard, etc), powdered milk (full-cream and skimmed), powder whey (concentrate, demineralized), WPC [Whey Protein Concentrates], butter, etc.
• Lemon essential oil, concentrated lemon juice, filtered lemon juice concentrate.
• Vegetable Oils: sunflower, corn, olive, grape.
• Wines (bottled and in bulk)
• Organic products.
• Infusions: coffee, yerba mate, tea, seasonings, etc.
• Cereals: corn, wheat, sorghum, etc.
• Leguminosae: azuki bean, black, white and red bean, soya, peanut, etc.
• Spices: oregano, parsley, thyme, cumin, etc.
• Honey: 12º to 45º color
• Meat: bovine, poultry

Among others...


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