Global Parts Production Department


Global Parts Production Department plays a fundamental role in managing the supply chain and automotive products. Relationship between Toyota Tsusho Corporation terminals and ensure adequate and efficient relationship for the procurement of components.

Global Parts Production Department are a dynamic multinational group with interests in over 56 countries and 300 cities, we seek the total satisfaction of our customers by supporting both its commercial phase, provided logistical and financial support under the pillars of continuous improvement and added value to our operations.

Global Parts Production Department, "Our advantage lies in consolidation of orders from global suppliers, ensuring that customers receive the lowest possible cost. "

Global Parts Production Department offer:

•  Communication easier with a single supplier
•  Toyota Tsusho Argentina
•  Reduce logistics costs
•  100% export efficiency
•  Shorten the delivery
•  More often under slogan Heijunka (load average)
•  Control and daily status of purchase orders / sales
•  Sending information available at all times
•  Quick Response Time
•  Toyota Tsusho Argentina is committed to resolving emergency situations that any international business transaction claim
•  Negotiation of international freight
•  Know how about TPS send methodology
•  Booking charges
•  Customs coordination / delivery door to door
•  Feasibility studies on international trade
•  Product Search worldwide
•  Sistem GSCM (Global Supply chain management)
•  Delivery JIT (Just in time)
•  Unpacking / packing and stock services
•  Just In Time Delivery (Kanban)
•  Study and packing for export


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