The main objectives of the "Metals" division are to assure constant efficiency throughout the logistics and distribution processes, as well as to maintain the customized treatment of each client.

The policy of continuous improvement together with the implementation of new technologies has enabled to develop the department fully, achieving an outstanding level of customer service and delivery.

Considering the wide range of needs of the automotive industry, as well as the needs of industries with miscellaneous purposes, Toyota Tsusho Argentina is currently marketing the following products:

•  Stainless steel and bronze meshes (AISI302; AISI304; AISI 316; etc).
•  Stainless steel and bronze wires.
•  Stainless steel plate sheets, galvanized, cold or hot rolled plate sheets.
•  Bars.
•  Tubes.

We also supply non-ferrous metals such as aluminum (Al) - ingots and bars.


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