Milk Run


TTA Milk Run has 10 years experience in Toyota Argentina S.A.

Based on the information we receive from our client, design and optimize routes to sane monthly volume handled and the number of trucks.

• Trucks

We fix the positions of the parties to obtain the best loading efficiency.

Are checked weekly to ensure all trucks that are in good condition.

• Routes

Time Line Control: With this tool you can view, route by route, miles traveled, transit time, volume and types of units.

With the GPS system, we can check and make sure the unit is meeting the real-time pre-set times.

TTA operators checked the status of all the trucks and that 100% of them have this system. If a truck is delayed, we can automatically generate the information and take necessary countermeasures to prevent this from affecting the supply of parts.

• Security - Quality

Drivers are trained and evaluated periodically to assess their performance in the operation.

• ISO 9001

Customers need products and services that meet their needs and expectations through the standardization of processes which allows us to establish a system of total quality management in the company.

Through a system of document control to date, reliable information is obtained.

Introducing KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to our customers in order to check the status of the operation and to improve it.


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