Tubes Bending and Autoparts Assy


In 2004 preparations began for what would be the first project for manufacture of Toyota Tsusho, the plant tube bending brake fluid, clutch fluid and fuel for the automotive industry.

Production began in earnest in early 2005. The tasks performed in the plant are:

•  Reception and quality control of material straight.
•  Folding process and final check of the pipes.
•  Preparation and delivery of material ready to join our Clients.

Since 2010 new processes were gradually introduced, as parking brakes assy and tubes assy, with the corresponded quality controls at reception and delivery. It is currently producing a volume of 8500 bent tubes and 400 parking brakes daily. We focus on working in a constant 5 S and high quality and environment standards, so that all our activities, products and services are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 respectively, because the parts that are produced are called Delta S, which means that these is the safety of the vehicle. In these six years of production the plant was among the best suppliers in accordance with the objectives set by our customers, receiving annually special mentions because of the service quality provided.


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