V to V


The Toyota Tsusho Argentina Logistics Department was created in 2004 to support and manage the growing demand for Sell to Sell (V to V), the triangular trade between the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

V to V is a total integrated logistic business, information and financial system. Our main function lies in our ability to consolidate customer orders and shipments, reducing each operation, acquisition costs, time order and safety stock requirement. This consolidation allows us to achieve economies of scale in various areas. In addition, there is a centralized control of information. Our role in Argentina allows us to trade in the currency preferred by the customer and to offer other financial benefits. Due to increased demand for V-V of global trade, we aspire to continue to strengthen our roles and develop new functions to advance the business.

Toyota Tsusho has a wide network of offices around the world and Toyota Tsusho Argentina is still a part of the global family V to V which has pledged to continue to provide essential logistics solutions through integrated efforts and our collective strength .



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